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Suicide By Cop Wannabe September 15, 2013

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At 9 am, a handsome, barefoot 60 year old man wearing a hospital gown obviously open in the back wheeled into our group meeting at Fairfax Hospital. His medium frame was covered in scratch marks and black and blue bruises. His dark blue bloodshot eyes were ringed with purple and black. He looked like he had survived a terrible car wreck. He said his name was Chuck.

Chuck explained that he had been bipolar for years, but like many manic-depressives, he never experienced the manic state. He only experienced the depressed state. And alcohol made things much, much worse.  As he sat at a bar in downtown Seattle downing drink after drink, he became increasingly depressed the more he drank. He became so depressed that suicide started to look like his best option. But he was too chicken to do it himself.  He wanted someone to do it for him.  Then it came to him:  he could get a cop to kill him! And so he decided to go the “suicide by cop” route.  His intent was to escalate his bad behavior to such an outrageous, over-the-top point that a cop would be forced to kill him.  He proceeded to put his plan into action,  stirring up quite a scene until at last the cops were called. He fought hard with the cops, trying to force them to kill him.  But instead of killing him, the cops were forced to beat him until they managed to subdue him. Then they hauled his ass to Fairfax.  That outcome wasn’t in his plans at all. He expected to be dead.

Chuck was very angry about being at Fairfax.  Know why?  Because he was supposed to either be dead or ship out on a fishing boat back to Alaska in three days. He clearly wasn’t dead, and it didn’t look like he would be able to make that trip to Alaska. When the boat left, he would remain behind, locked up at the psych ward as an involuntarily committed mental patient. Boy was he pissed!



1. Teri - September 15, 2013

Thank you for bringing up this very important issue! That is very sad for the individual and for law enforcement too. Please ignore stigma and always seek treatment for mental health issues. A combination of the right medication and, CBT, DBT, and/or CET mental health therapy and other types of therapy can help the brain and improve lives.
Law enforcement do not deserve to have to kill someone that desperately needs help. Would you like to have a job where you had to kill someone in order to go home to your loved ones?
When officers have to do that it affects their whole family, not just them. I know some have had their children treated horribly by other students at school after an incident of SBC.
Officer’s can suffer horribly about what they had to do. Their children’s lives at home and at school are negatively impacted. I can’t even imagine how hard that must be for the wife & mother in the family.
Treatment treatment treatment, don’t give up! Seek help, not SBC!
A therapist recommended an excellent book that I will pass on here.
“Breaking the Patterns of Depression” by Michael D. Yapko
It’s full of great life skills tools for anyone whether they have depression or not.
Thank you wonderful Mermaid!

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