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Sam the Psycho January 3, 2013

Posted by Crazy Mermaid in Delusions, Hallucinations, Hearing Voices.
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Walking into the mental illness support group, I was surprised to see two teenage boys sitting side by side in our small circle of chairs. Very few young people came to our support group.

It was clear from Sam’s glassy and brilliant eyes that he was the one with the mental illness, and that his friend, Carl, had simply been the means of Sam’s transportation to the meeting. Later on, we learned that Sam’s mom had actually talked Carl into bringing Sam here. I surmise that Sam wouldn’t get in the car with his mom. Or vice-versa.

When Sam’s turn came to share, he said he was getting more violent against his mom, and that he was having trouble with his relationship with her. His principal complaint was that she didn’t agree with his religious views.

He claimed that he and God were buddies.  He also claimed to be possessed by the devil and demons. He said he was routinely roused from sleep by the demons’ violence against him.  They punched him and pushed him and yanked his hair while he tried to sleep. Oh yeah: and he said he wasn’t mentally ill. He was just possessed.

Initially, he and his friend sat quietly listening to the three of us share our stories. But as time progressed, Sam was increasingly claimed by his invisible friends.  Talking and laughing with them, he faded in and out of our reality.

Sam said he had been taking two anti-psychotics for 2 months. Based on his severe delusions and his statement that he wasn’t mentally ill, I seriously doubt that he was taking his meds at all. His friend said that Sam hadn’t been back to his psychiatrist since he had been given the anti-psychotics. I suspect that was by choice.

Leaving the meeting, I realized the danger Sam’s mother was in. I hoped she had a lock on her door. After all, her teenage son, known to be very angry with her, roamed around the house believing that he was alternately God’s best friend or possessed by the devil and demons. It isn’t a stretch to imagine him slipping into her room at night and slitting her throat or stabbing her as she lay sleeping, convinced that the devil and demons- and maybe God- had directed him to do it. She would be just another dead mother whose soon should have been committed to a mental hospital before he murdered her.



1. gerald bouthner - January 5, 2013

I feel bad for the young man and his family. Because schizophrenia and other illnesses involving psychotic symptoms affect overall brain functioning, I am not surprised that this young man does not recognize symptoms as unusual and seems to be avoiding treatment.

This young man clearly needs help and I hope somehow someone makes sure his meds are being taken. Hopefully this will help minimize such delusional thoughts and help this suffering young man.

He did not seem to demonstrate any violent thoughts in the visit you described but if he does become violent and especially if there is a history of violence in the past the mom should certainly try and influence him into voluntary commitment. If that does not work involuntary commitment. His mom should be careful as you state and get help from the police or the Sheriff if necessary.

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