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Insanity Can Be Compelling May 4, 2011

Posted by Crazy Mermaid in ESP, mental illness.
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The case for insanity is compelling.

In early February 2008, at the beginning of my journey into a world of my own making, I thought I had Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).  I talked with people who passed through a little room inside my head.  I had lots of powerful friends who hung on my every word and who were dedicated to making my life as care-free as possible. Some of my close friends included Oprah Winfrey, The Dalai Lama, and Bill and Melinda Gates. Melinda was actually a long-lost sister.

Then there was my job situation.  In my fantasy world, my boss, via ESP, directed me to quit my (real) job.  So I did. Then, via ESP, he begged for my return, promising me more money and better control over my job.  In the meantime, Bill and Melinda Gates offered me a job at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  For twice the amount of money.

As part of my compensation package, Melinda Gates told me to pick out a new car and a new wardrobe.  So I trotted down to the nearest Lexus dealership and picked out a beautiful shiny gold brand new Lexus convertible car.  I went shopping for my new wardrobe, spending thousands of dollars for clothing that I never even got the chance to wear.  I wrote checks for these things, with the understanding that Bill Gates would put the money in my account to pay for my purchases.

One of my closest friends was a “time-turner”, able to revisit the past and change it, bringing me things like great parking spaces. He also designed special makeup just for me, manufactured it, and managed to have it waiting for me on a shelf at the makeup department of my nearby Fred Meyer store.

I decided that I had to move to a house on the beach, so I spent hours scouring the neighborhoods next to a waterfront park, looking for the perfect house. Finding it, I let Bill Gates make the purchase, confident that I would be moving in shortly. To fill that house,  I spent hours shopping for new furniture.

I acquired $2 million in jewelry, including a 3 carat yellow diamond ring in a platinum setting (put at a nearby Target store by my time-turner friend). At the Goodwill in downtown Seattle, I found an abalone bracelet that had once been owned by my (Mermaid) grandmother.

I had long conversations with my dog, who had a deep voice when he talked. My cat inquired about my health, and I had a few close friends who were trees.

Last but not least, I was a genuine Mermaid.  Fish talked to me (literally). I had fins for feet. I had a beautiful tail.

I was beautiful.  I was energetic.  I was wealthy.

Now tell me that mental illness is terrible.



1. Cherrie Herrin-Michehl, MA, LMHC - November 29, 2011

Wow, I’m so thankful for your sharing this story. I remember reading a book written by a psychiatrist. His patient had said, “If you had just fallen in love and felt fabulous, and you were told to take a pill to make the feeling go away, would you do it?” It was a very interesting perspective, and reminded me of the end of this post.

Keep on writing!

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