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I Learn I’m A Mermaid March 3, 2010

Posted by Crazy Mermaid in Delusions, Hearing Voices, mental illness.
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This is what it’s like to experience a psychotic episode.  This scene really happened during my psychotic break.  Setting the scene: I have ESP, and I’m conversing with Claudia and Mike, both voices in my head,  via ESP.  Neither Claudia nor Mike are real people in the real world. However, they’re real to me, despite the fact that I can’t see them.

Me: Hey Claudia. What’s up?

Claudia: Kathy, I have something very important to tell you.

Claudia:  Mike and I have been talking it over. And we both agree.

Me: Agree on what, Claudia?

Claudia: Kathy, you’re a Mermaid.

Me: I’m in no mood for jokes, Claudia.

Claudia:  This isn’t a joke, Kathy. Just listen to me for a minute.

Mike: It’s really not as far-fetched as it would seem.

Me: If I’m a Mermaid, how come I didn’t know it?

Claudia: Your name’s not really Kathy. It’s Pangea.

The minute that she said that, I knew that it was true.  I had just forgotten. But something puzzled me.

Me: Why did it take me 48 years to figure that out?

Claudia: That’s what I’m trying to tell you. It’s because you lived downwind from Hanford when you were very young.

Hanford supplied plutonium that was used to make the atomic bomb that was dropped on Japan in World War Two. The whole area is radioactive. And my family and I  lived there back in the mid 1960’s when I was 5.

Claudia: The radiation at Hanford wiped your memory.

That made perfect sense. It explained why I hadn’t remembered that I was a Mermaid. With Claudia’s help, as I began filling in the blanks, I knew that she was right.  I was a Mermaid. I had always been a Mermaid. The only problem was that my Mermaid memories had been stripped from my mind by the radiation at Hanford.  It all made perfect sense.

Claudia: I’ve seen my share of Mermaids, and you fit the bill perfectly, Kathy. There were so many clues that I’m surprised you didn’t remember before.

Me: What kind of clues?

Mike: You have the coloring of a Mermaid. Long reddish blonde hair, green eyes. Classic Mermaid.

Me: And what else?

Mike: And you weigh more than you look.

Now how did he know that?  I hadn’t told anyone that I had always been confused about my weight. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn’t see the overweight person that the scale said I was.

Claudia: The reason your scale doesn’t make sense is because it’s weighing your tail.

Me: My tail? What tail? I don’t have a tail.

Mike: Yes you do, Kathy. Or I should say Pangea. And it’s a lovely tail.



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