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The Job that Took My Mind Part 1 November 5, 2009

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Narrative on my Labor and Industries Accident/Illness Report

1. Describe in detail how injury or exposure occurred:

Following is the narrative of how the stress of my job as project manager caused me to have a psychotic break that led to my admission to a mental hospital for a three week stay.

Company policy was strict: no construction work was supposed to start until the Owner and M Construction agreed on a price and signed a contract. But  John, the manager,  violated that policy when he started work on the renovation of a 100 year old hotel in downtown Seattle, WA.

The hotel is actually comprised of two separate buildings joined by a basement. One building has 6 floors, the other has 5.  For whatever reason, the project Architect had never drawn plans for the building’s 6th floor. For whatever reason, Matt, the green-behind-the-ears project manager, chose to start work on that very floor. Absent the 6th floor plans, John told him to just copy the 5th floor work. So that’s what Matt did.

Company policy said that electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, and everyone else had to have contracts before they started work. But John violated that policy by telling the electricans, plumbers, etc. to just do the work and keep track of the hours.

Three weeks after Matt started work, the owners decided they wanted Matt to put in new wireless internet, cat 5, phone lines, etc.  But by the time they got done adding all of the lines, the bundle was the size of a fist instead of the size of a couple of pencils. It wouldn’t fit where it was supposed to. So the owner told Matt to just cut a trench down the middle of every hallway and into every room in the entire hotel, which added a mile of extra work (literally). But (again, against company policy) Matt started the work without giving the owner a price for the work.   In May 2007, Matt was fired and John took his place.

Work on a 100 year old building isn’t easy.  Nobody knows where the electricity runs and where pipe runs.  Big holes are punched in walls, ceilings, and floors to get the new work attached to the old building. These things take time and money.  When John took over Matt’s job, everyone assumed he could get the work done. But they were wrong. John was as incompetent as Matt.  The job was losing big, big money.  So in August 2007, my boss fired John and stuck me in his place.

As the 3rd project manager, I stepped into 4 month old job

  • without a real project schedule
  • without a defined scope of work
  • without an executed contract
  • without executed subcontracts
  • without a complete set of plans
  • over budget

End of Part 1



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